Important Rules, Guidelines and Regulations:


  • Fee is received to refer you proposals as per your requirements.
  • Marriage proposals will be sent to you as per your requirements, No one neither you nor the other party is bound to accept your proposal.
  • Do not reject anyone without communication.
  • Some people have such feeling that we have paid the fees so we will get what we want, so read it carefully, if you have particular demand about the profession, height, nationality, age, race, religion, color, language or even any normal demand, just keep in mind that you will be accepted or rejected by the bride or groom or by their family on your face value. Fees is paid to show you proposals no one will marry you because you have paid fee to Ahmed matchmaker, it’s a simple rule you have bought the services not the bride or groom nor you have bought the family of bride and groom.
  • If you are never married GROOM (Male) below 30 years, its better your family or a woman should communicate on your behalf, families  do not entertain singles at their home.